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Zenshield VPN Products

18 Ways for free & fast usage
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Free MacOS VPN

Zenshield VPN for macOS is easy to install and helps you get encrypted, private browsing and unlimited bandwidth, all for free. Manage it through the easy-to-use app to surf the internet in total freedom.
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Free VPN for Windows

With server locations in over 80 countries around the world, Zenshield VPN gives you completely free, private and secure internet browsing, compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.
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Free iOS VPN

With just one tap on your iPhone, access a completely encrypted and private internet experience. Urban VPN is free, speedy, and compatible with iOS.
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Free Android VPN

Totally free, totally fast, totally anonymous. Enjoy encrypted and private browsing on your Android phone with the Zenshield VPN app for Google-based devices.
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Free Huawei VPN

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Enjoy the benefits of secure and limitless browsing on Safari with Zenshield's free extension. Regain control of your internet experience effortlessly.
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Reclaim your online freedom with Zenshield's free and user-friendly Chrome extension, granting you effortless, secure browsing with a single click.
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Take your online privacy and security to the next level with Zenshield's free Opera extension. Embrace unrestricted and anonymous browsing at your convenience.
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Elevate your browsing experience on Microsoft Edge with Zenshield's free extension. Browse freely, privately, and securely with ease.
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Experience true online anonymity and freedom with Zenshield's free Firefox extension. Surf the web securely, without limits.

Free Gaming VPN

Reduce your latency (ping) and choose which servers you connect to. Our free VPN allows you to dominate every gaming region and avoid being banned by sour losers.
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